Location: In Tessedik Samuel Campus, opposite the main entrance.

Collection: 40,000 books, periodicals, subsribed data bases, theses

Services: lending books, free internet access, free wifi for University staff and faculty, photocopying, printing,

Registration: fee paying, photo card ID

Library hours: Monday : 8-16 hours

                          Tuesday : 10-18 hours

                          Wednesday : 8-16 hours

                          Thursday : 8-16 hours

                           Friday :  8-13 hours

Events : Scientific presentations, exhibitions, meetings, joining national library and professional programs  

Introduction to the Library:

Samuel Tessedik Library at College of Agricultural and Business Studies, St. Istvan University, Szarvas, Hungary.

Our library provides the College of Agricultural and Business Studies, which is an institution with deep roots as well as cultural and professional past of 200 years, with different services and satisfies the needs for professional literature in the city and the region as a public library. 

85% of the 40,000-book collection of the library have been placed on the shelves. Readers are welcome in our spacious reading rooms and section of journals.

Publications to be collected by us are based on the education and research work at the college therefore professional literature on water and water management can be found in our library.

Documents connected to water and water management have a wide variety according to their different types and genres:

Books: we try to obtain all Hungarian professional publications on the topic but there are professional books in foreign languages, primarily in English as well.

Journals: we have Hungarian journals in vast majority.  

Data bases: bibliography and reference data as well as full versions of professional literature are accessible from the computers of the library in the framework of EIS consortium, through a paid service to access foreign data bases e.g Academic Search Complete, CAB Abstract, Science Direct, Scopus, Web of Science.