The first step towards your ERASMUS experience

Dear Students,

If you are reading this page it means that you are just standing at the start line of an amazing adventure called ERASMUS.
As we know that choosing the most suitable country and institution is a hard call to make, we would like to help you a bit by giving some information on our institution and our study programme.
Make no mistake: we are obviously here to convince you. Therefore, as you are already tired of  boring marketing lines, let us just get straight to the point:
Szent István University at Békéscsaba invites you for an unforgettable and life-changing ERASMUS experience in Hungary.
Certainly, we could list here the main reasons why our institution is worth choosing. If we did so, that would look something like this:
•        Personal educational experience
•        Pleasant friendly communities
•        Smaller student-teacher ratio
•        Great student living conditions
•        Low cost of education
Of couse, we all know that such a list only convinces teachers and parents, and this is not what you would like to hear. So here is our list for YOU:
•        An international class - with students from several European countries
•        A study programme that gives you what you need - developed by staff members that were also ERASMUS students once
•        A well-equiped, modern dormitory on a reasonable price - campus, supermarket and bus stop to city center in a 2-minute-walking distance
•        A unique travelling experience in 3 countries - organised trips in Hungary, as well as to Romania and Austria
•        Plenty of freetime activities – with the taste of the real ERASMUS spirit
Now you are interested, right?  Ok, then check the left side menu for details!