Freetime activities

INFO DAY AND WELCOME PARTY: Learn everything about our faculty, dormitory, library and computer rooms, and have an unforgettable welcome party in the first week.

  • Make an English report and a presentation on a topic you are particularly interested in, and present it in front of a jury in the Student Research Competition of our Faculty.
  • Take pictures during your stay and participate in our ERASMUS Photo Contest.

WEEKEND TRIPS: You can sign up and purchase your ticket for our weekend trips organised during the semester.

  • Visit the beautiful dome and city centre of Szeged,
  • the Parliament and the most remarkable landmarks of Budapest
  • the fabulous city park of Debrecen.

Also, be sure not to forget your swimming suit, especially if you don’t want to miss our visit to the Castle Bath and Spa of Gyula, just 15 kilometres from our Campus.
What else??? You can join us on an excursion to Vienna, Austria just prior to the Holidays, where you can take care of your Christmas shopping after some great sightseeing.
THEMATIC TRIPS: Besides travelling all across the region, with our thematic study trips you will also have the possibility to visit local and regional companies, factories, research centre and the local airport of our city.
If all of this is not enough, then you will be able to get a taste of the Hungarian Lifestyle:

  • Join our ERASMUS grape harvesting team, and learn how wine is made. Take part in the work, and get a bottle of wine at the end of the day as a reward.
  • “Law and sausage are two things you do not want to see being made.” Disagree? Then just be a part of our team on the internationally known “Sausage Festival of Békéscsaba”, help us to make the “ERASMUS sausage” and win the competition.
  • Are you interested in how Hungarian family life usually goes on? Then just join our “Adopt an ERASMUS student for a weekend” program after your arrival, and spend a whole weekend with a Hungarian family to find out.