Your future campus is located in Szarvas, in southeastern Hungary on the Great Hungarian Plain. 
After the Second World War education and research became the most important factor in the life of the city. The Irrigation Research Institute and the Aquaculture Research Institute (the two research institutes merged under the name HAKI) and the Tessedik Sámuel College's Teacher Training Institute and the Faculty of Agricultural Water and Environmental Management are the major institutions working here and making Szarvas Békés- County's intellectual centre. Nowadays Szarvas is one of the most important academic and scientific centres in Békés County.

  • Our Campus,  with approximately 500 students, is located in the town of Szarvas, a cosy community of 17.000 people, nestled on the banks of Dead Water of the River Körös. Students at this College study on courses related to agriculture, rural development, business, catering and tourism, trade and marketing. Szarvas is home to the National Arboretum and offers several opportunities for recreational sports. It is located about 160km south east of Budapest, on Road No. 44.
    At Szent István University, educational experience is available at a relatively inexpensive cost when compared to the cost of study in larger schools in bigger cities or in Budapest. Tuition and cost of living are very reasonable. Studying in Békés County offers enjoyable life with good food, natural beauty and remarkable career prospects.
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