As some us were students abroad once, we know that a perfect ERASMUS experience cannot be imagined without a modern, well-equipped place to stay at. This is exactly what our Alma Mater Hostel offers. Are you ready to check-in?
The hostel is located in a suburb of Békéscsaba, surrounded by forest and nature. However, everything that matters is in a 2-minute walking distance.
Most importantly: you do not need to spend time on travelling to the campus. You can easily leave home at 7.55, and be at school on time at 8.00. If you need some books or magazines to read, our library is next to the hostel as well.
In case you want to do some sport, our sporthall, gym and all weather football pitch are available. If you want to have a walk, the small paths of the nearby forests are waiting for you to discover them.
And last, but not least: the bus stop to the center is just in front of the campus, so city life, shopping centers and parties are only a 5-minute-long bus ride away from your apartment.
As we believe in the power of community, our housing policy reflects just that. Therefore, our incoming ERASMUS students are accomodated in 2x2 bed apartments.
Ideally, there are 4 students living in each apartment. The apartments have two bedrooms, both for two people and the four of them share a kitchen and a bathroom. In the bedroom you will have your own wardrobe, bed and desk, and also some shelves on the wall.
We certainly provide you with bed linen and towels, as well as weekly cleaning service. The rooms also have cable TV and high-speed, unlimited internet connection.
Living this way makes sure that you are not spending a significant amount of your ERASMUS time alone, or wasting it on Facebook, chatting with friends. Living together creates a really strong bond among students, and undoubtedly makes your ERASMUS experience even more unforgettable.
However, if you still prefer to have your own room, it is possible to have one at a higher price.
There are two major questions that every ERASMUS student will definitely face: what will I eat and where will I wash my clothes? Here are our answers:

  • COOKING FACILITES: All apartments have well-equiped kitchens with dishes, hot plate, refridgerator, etc. So if you are good at cooking, you may prepare your own dishes for yourself.

Of course, you can always cooperate: in case you can’t cook, or you just would like to save on food, discuss it with your flatmates. If people in your apartment decide to cook together, you can spare some money on the ingredients.

  • LAUNDRY: When it comes to washing clothes, you don’t need to go far to do it. Our hostel has two laundry rooms  with coin operated washing machines on the ground floor, where the job can easily be done. You only need some washing powder and conditioner, plus 100 FT (0,35 EUR) for the machine.