Tessedik Campus

One campus of our Faculty, with over 500 students, is located in the town of Szarvas, a cosy community nestled on the banks of a lake formed from a branch of the River Körös. Students in Szarvas study on courses related to agriculture. Szarvas is home to the National Arboretum and offers many opportunities for recreational sports. Szarvas is located about 50 kilometers north of Békéscsaba.
At Szent István University, educational experience is available at an inexpensive cost when compared to the cost of study in larger schools in larger towns or in Budapest. Tuition and cost of living are much less as well. Studying at the Békés County campuses of Szent István University offers a low cost alternative to larger universities while offering the same level of degree (BA, Bsc or MSc) as the more expensive, impersonal institutions in large cities.
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Reasons to choose us

  1. Small student body ? Personal educational experience

  2. Small city atmosphere ? Pleasant friendly communities

  3. Fewer large classes ? Smaller student-teacher ratio

  4. Most students live on campus ? Great student living conditions

  5. Calmer, quieter environment ? Low cost of education

If the idea of being part of a community and not an anonymous face in the crowd appeals to you, you would be well served to consider Szent István University in Szarvas as your choice for an interesting and rewarding cultural and educational experience.