Békéscsaba Campus

The Faculty of Economics, Agricultural and Health Studies in Békéscsaba features a modern physical plant with a newly built library.
We are a relatively small school with less than 1000 full time day students. Because of its size, our campus offers the opportunity for students to know teachers and for teachers to know their students.
Here, class sizes are much smaller than at larger institutions with ample opportunity for interchange between students and teachers. While large classes are held in some subjects, teaching is highly personalized with extensive use of seminars and group-learning projects. The Békéscsaba Campus prides itself on teaching people not just faces in a crowd. These advantages aplly to each of the Békés county campuses.

Beyond the school, the city of Békéscsaba has a population of about 65,000 and is centered around a central business district with shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Békéscsaba and its university campus offer a pleasant social atmosphere with several first class clubs and discos as well as a wide variety of cultural activities from live theatre to classical music concerts to festivals of all sorts and sizes. From sausage to wine, from beer to lecsó (a traditional Hungarian dish) there is a festival which appeals to every taste.

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