2nd Scientific International Conference on Rural Development

  29 June, 2018
Dear Sir/Madam,
Institute of  Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development of St Istvan University, College of Agricultural Sciences and Economics  
 in cooperation with Békés County Goverment Office and Békés County Directorate of National Chamber of Agriculture
cordially invite You 
to the 2nd Scientific International Conference on Rural Development entitled 
’ Higher (Local) Added Value as the Breakout Potential of the Countryside’
Thursday, 8th November, 2018
St Istvan University, College of Agricultural Sciences and Economics (SZIE AGK/SIU, CASE)
                at 1-3, Szabadság Str. SZARVAS, 5540 HUNGARY.
The Conference wishes to promote the convergence of Hungarian countryside with its professional and scientific means and methods.
We put the increase of added value into the centre of the discussions in 2018, which creates an opportunity to manage the social and economic problems of the countryside (employment extension, keeping the population, enhancing competitiveness).
Our event continues to put itself in the intersection of practical and scientific fields of life:
it offers opportunities for practical acting and managing bodies as well as representatives of scientific life for common thinking and the elaboration of effective problem management methods. 
The call is open to all those interested. In addition, the Conference can be counted as part of a nationwide event accredited by the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), as part of the annual training of specialist consultants.
The participants of the Conference may take part in professional, scientific and poster sections.
The official languages of the Conference are: Hungarian and English 
Sections planned: 
’Local Resources – Local Development’  (With the contribution of ’LEADER’ local action group leaders)
’Agrarian administration, agricultural support and employment section’ (With the contribution of Békés County Government Office)
Scientific sections in Hungarian and in English: on the basis of abstracts received; main topics:
Facilities of multifunctional agriculture and diversification,
The role of manufacturing industry in the  rural economy,
The role of networking in the field of agrarium,
Social asset and cooperation in rural areas,
Agricultural technologies,
Precision Agriculture,
Short supply chains,
Social and economic processes in Hungary and in European fields.
Poster Section
Preliminary Programme:
8.30 – 9.30
9.30 – 10.00
Opening, greetings
Dr. Zoltán FUTÓ, Dean, St Istvan University, College of Agricultural Sciences and Economics (SIU, CASE)
Introductions of Foreign Universities in Cooperation and Partnerships
Dr. László KULCSÁR, President, National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK)
Dr. Árpád TAKÁCS, Government Official in Charge, Békés County Goverment Office (BMKH)
10.00 – 12.10
Dr. István NAGY, Minister of Agriculture (under requested invitation)
Mr. Miklós Zsolt KISS, State Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, (under requested invitation)
Mr. Imre HUBAI Jr., National Vice President for Rural Development, National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) (under requested invitation)
Presenter invited from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of the Banat (Temesvár (Timisoara), Romania)
12.30 – 14.00
14.00 – 15.30
Presentations in Section I 
15.30 – 15.45
Coffee Break 
15.45 – 17.30
Presentations in Section II
18.30 -           
Meeting for Professionals 
Deadline for Applications: 17th September, 2018 – the latest 
Please Contact: 
Dr. Zoltán EGRI (email: egri.zoltan@gk.szie.hu ; telephone: +36-30-9434324) 
Mr. Ferenc ARANY (email: aranyferenc10@gmail.com ; telephone: +36-66-313-311)
Conference/ Registration Fees: 
Conference Attendance/Registration fee for all participants: 7.000 HUF/ person (lunch included)
Attendance fee including participation at Meeting for Professionals: 10.000 HUF/ person 
Conference Presentations, Publications:
Conference Presentations in the requested form of a scientific publication and Posters exhibited will appear in a printed and proofread Conference Publication Volume (with ISBN) in Hungarian and/or English languages.
Requirement of publication in the volume to be published is: the payment of the registration fee and the delivery of the article to the editors by the indicated deadline.
When transferring the registration fee, please, note the following text in the slot for notices: AGK 2nd Country Conference + Participant’s name. Bank account number of St. Istvan University: 10032000-00282826-00000000. 
The article format of the scientific presentation and the certificate of the payment of the registration fee must be sent by email to the following email addresses by 15th October, 2018 at the latest: egri.zoltan@gk.szie.hu and aranyferenc10@gmail.com Due to organizational and technical reasons it is not possible to publish publications after the expiry of the requested deadline. 
The Presentations in the Sections with the planned discussions are for 15 minutes. The space available for exhibiting posters is 90 cm X 100 cm.
Formal requirements for summary of presentations and posters (Abstract): the Abstract ranges up to 1200 characters maximum. 
Formal requirements for publications in Hungarian: the Article of Presentation (together with the Summary, Tables and Diagrams) and the Posters should be made up to 6 pages of material according to the downloadable contents down on this page.
An author can register for the Conference with 2 Presentations or with 1 Presentation and 1 Poster maximum. 
Accommodation: based on individual inquiries, for a fee. Please, call +36-66-313-311 for Hotel Inquiry.
Important Deadlines:
Registration deadline (on-line registration):  17th September, 2018
Deadline for submitting Abstract in Hungarian:  17th September, 2018
Deadline for transferring Registration fee: 15th October, 2018
Send final material for the Volume to be published: 15th October, 2018
Feedback on the final material by proofreader’s comments: 22nd October, 2018
The Organizational Committee of ’2nd Rural Development Conference’:
Chairperson of Organizational Committee: 
Dr. Zoltán FUTÓ PhD, Associate Professor (SZIE AGK/SIU CASE)
Members of Organizational Committee:
Dr.Habil Károly BODNÁR PhD, College Professor (SZIE AGK/SIU CASE)
Dr. Attila RÁKÓCZI PhD, Assistant Professor (SZIE AGK/SIU CASE)
Dr. Klára GLÓZIK PhD, College Associate Professor (SZIE AGK/SIU CASE)
Secretary of Conference: 
Dr. Zoltán EGRI PhD, College Associate Professor (SZIE AGK/SIU CASE) 
We look forward to welcoming You at the Conference.
We reserve the right to make changes.
Yours Faithfully, 
Dr. Zoltán FUTÓ PhD
Interim Dean, Head of Institute